New Dry Eye Therapy Gains Formulary Coverage

June 14th 2021

Three commercial plans now cover the corticosteroid Eysuvis.

FDA Greenlights Controversial Aducanumab, Biogen's Alzheimer’s Treatment

June 7th 2021

Today's approval goes against the advice of an outside advisory committee.

FDA clears first chronic weight loss drug in 7 years

June 7th 2021

Semaglutide injection is a weekly injection for chronic weight management in adults.

Healthcare costs, lack of communication are of major concern to healthcare leaders

June 1st 2021

Around 49% of the more than 300 healthcare providers, hospital/health system executives, payers, advocacy groups, and academics surveyed by Get the Medications Right™ (GTMRx) Institute said the cost of healthcare is the biggest issue they face.

Substance abuse increase could cost the U.S. billions

June 1st 2021

Prevalent cases of opioid use disorder could total around 1.9 million in 2021 and could cost the U.S. billions to treat, data and analytics firm GlobalData said.